Exclude Applications From Theming

Hi there, really impressed with this distribution so far, however I have one small niggle.

I have installed the KDE version, and I primarily use LibreOffice Writer but the default theme Sweetified Plasma makes the entire application black, and icons cannot be seen.

I have changed the icons to dark versions within LibreOffice which has made a difference, but i wonder if it is possible to exclude applications from the overall theming, either individually or as a group.

Either my Google Fu is lacking today but I could not find a solution elsewhere.


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That option is not there anymore, and that was the first thing I tried.

I wondered if there was a way to exclude using the Application Style in Plasma but I've not had any luck so far.

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Literally one option below appearance, you can change a lot of stuff there :thinking:
Afaik there is no option to exclude apps from plasma theme
Icons can be changed in appearance to a better visible icon pack, so that shouldnt be an issue :slight_smile:


Thanks, I found that out, when I had a closer look at the other options.

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If you are using kVantum decorations, you may set a different theme for any application.