Every installer fails

i choose entire disk and they all fail with boost.python error in job mount. i have two drives and i chose entire drive for my main nvme.

Please provide from the live USB your:


Post also the output of

sudo fdisk -l
lsblk -f

Why do you post pictures (almost unreadable for me from the mobile phone) instead of text, that can be copied from terminal, since you seem to have a working WiFi connection?
Anyway, I'd first make sure you're booting in UEFI mode and not CSM legacy or similar. Then I'd try with manual partitioning, selecting /dev/nvme0n1p1 to install the bootloader and creating a single btrfs partition on the rest of that disk.
Additionally, what is the error message after the one you mentioned? E.g. soemthing like /boot/efi doesn't look like an EFI partition or maybe no space left on device, or what?


My eye sight is already ruined since long time.
But I also think of our dear backups.

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plan foiled. damn

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Well, someone else will try to read no?
Starting from the beginning they will see the pictures before the text :slight_smile:

Back to the error, a long time ago, when I was doing a lot of distro hopping, I had a similar problem (that's why I asked if "no space left on device" appeared), which I solved by deleting the many dump files I had (rm /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/dump-* as root).


still fails by hand, 512mb boot fat32, and 1 btrfs root

<div><strong>Command '['umount', '-v', '/tmp/calamares-root-yqlp1dfw']' returned non-zero exit status 32.</strong></div><div>None</div><div><br/>Traceback:</div><div><pre>File &quot;/usr/lib/calamares/modules/mount/main.py&quot;, line 251, in run
    mount_partition(root_mount_point, partition, partitions)

i even left 60gb on device unused (will encrypt home dir after install working)

2 weeks ago i installed dragonized on this machine and went fine.

If you are trying to do a clean install, wipe all partitions of a drive with GParted, create new GPT partition table and try installing again.

found the issue. i had an sd card plugged in and it was confusing the installer. while i kept chosing nvme it was trying to unmount the card i think. after pulling the sd card, went fine.

typing with one arm and i accidentally removed wrong post. the other currently broken. ooops.

ive been looking for that sd card too. found it! lol.

HT: @mrvictory and @filo for just bouncing ideas around. literally wouldnt have figured it out even if not exact answers.


All in all, you can also change the headline :slight_smile:
Not every installer fails, just me.
By the way.
Unfortunately, the unnecessary images are not deleted from the forum and backups, they are just no longer visible here.

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