Esxi server install

Has anyone had any luck installing garuda dragonize on a exsi server as a vm?
I no its not recommended :slight_smile: but more for testing :slight_smile: I hate breaking my main machine's :triumph:

I have done installs on vmware workstation but not esxi.

On an esxi server you will probably want to disable compositing since you have a remote video connection.


@dalto Thanks for that, as we were testing your stuff yesterday
I thought i would throw it on the server to see.
It looks like you have to go though a lot of hoops to make it work :grinning:
Just tried and fails on the install :sob:
Looks like i will stick to my baremetel test bed :smiley:

Yah got it working :smiley:


It is not a solution :sweat_smile:

Please share the actual solution that worked for you, so that it may be used as future reference as well.

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Sorry for that! :wink: @Naman
If you are using esxi 6.7 with Garuda.
When creating the Vm instead of using linux as the Guest OS,use other and other 64bit.
Also use VMware Paravirtual for the scsi controller.

Hope that helps.


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