Essential Packages


Can someone help point me in the direction of where the essential packages for the current version of Garuda is listed or how I find that? I am attempting to reduce a lot of self inflicted bloat.

Thank you.

Please post the output of garuda-inxi for all issues, so forum helpers easily see relevant information about your system without needing a back-and-forth in the thread.

Index of /garuda/iso/garuda/ <- Each ISO has a package list you can look through. It's a text file, down below the ISOs and checksums.

If the problem is you aren't sure which packages you have installed, it might be easier to figure out by checking the date or timestamp in the Pacman log, instead of trying to compare what is on your system to a lengthy package list. Something like this:

grep -i installed /var/log/pacman.log

Look at the dates/timestamps and see if you can figure out times when you were installing stuff.


Just adding another method here.

You can also use pacman to find the packages. Use

pacman -Q

To list all the packages

pacman -Qe

To list all the explicitly installed packages.

And off course, you can put them in one file using redirection operator. (
> to overwrite the contents of file
>> to append the output to file
for example

pacman -Q > sampleFile.txt


pacman -Q >> sampleFile.txt

Use your favorite search engine for further information on any of the above topic.


Then use meld to check the difference, between pacman -Qe and pkgs.txt :smiley:


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