Errors ! shoud i worry about this erorrs

i did exactly as you said and i was worry about this errors

error: duplicated database entry 'expat'

then i ask yes or no

Total Installed Size:  1694.37 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:         7.99 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

i wait you then i go with yes

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
(84/84) checking keys in keyring                                      [--------------------------------------] 100%
(84/84) checking package integrity                                    [--------------------------------------] 100%
(84/84) loading package files                                         [--------------------------------------] 100%
(84/84) checking for file conflicts                                   [--------------------------------------] 100%
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
expat: /usr/lib/cmake/expat-2.4.4/expat-config-version.cmake exists in filesystem
expat: /usr/lib/cmake/expat-2.4.4/expat-config.cmake exists in filesystem
expat: /usr/lib/cmake/expat-2.4.4/expat-none.cmake exists in filesystem
expat: /usr/lib/cmake/expat-2.4.4/expat.cmake exists in filesystem
expat: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

 [email protected] in ~ as 🧙 took 2m34s

it was the same it wont update

then i try from the repository it works when it completes it shows me 3 errors after telling me to restart?
i didn't bother myself to read them because i thought i fail again and I was ready to go try again garuda bspwm

it was a mistake when I try garuda Linux really I can't use any other distro now
The first time I use garuda bspwm I have a problem with keybinding a ask her and things go as always

I was waiting for a reply from you wait and wait and I feel upset and disappointed because you are one of garuda team and you can help me :sweat_smile: sorry :innocent: I didn't see BluishHumility reply
I back to windows, the day after I try it again, and I was really surprised how fast and responsive it is, start, restart and shutdown in everything I install Openbox when i log in there is no sound which means I cant configure Openbox by myself I was planning to follow some tutorial fail again
I do some research I find this distro Nixos, I really like what I read about it especially for someone noob like me but it was really hard to install for me I try again and again and again and again and again on my main machine and that's the funniest thing people usually use virtual machine I didn't sleep that day I swear I watch videos and read tutorials how to install it I learn every step finally I make it and guess what I forget the password I set or I set it wrong the root pass too because I use azerty keyboard always get confused between letters I try again for the last 2 worthless time I was sure I'm doing everything correctly so I move to another distro at least I learn something about config files and how to use nano and vim, later I realize that the issue was from the iso that I'm using :face_exhaling:
I do some research again and I find this disto Clair Linux everybody says its the fastest Linux distro they ever try and it performs very very very well people talk about benchmarking and bla bla bla I read some articles too about it even someone like me doesn't know almost anything about Linux understand that intel doing a good job for how they run things on their distro
I don't like gnome but I go download it and I have an issue with the installation like always and I ask on thire forum and like always no one care, not even 1 reply evrybody just read or want to know what is the isses are and go out no one give a shit, and beacuse evryone sad that is really a fast distro and good stuff I did somthing really stupid the safe installation didnt work for me I try the destractive installation I give it all the disk and let it erase all my data on that 1t disk and it work and guess what garuda fast*3 I swear and don't mention lagging and freezing and how it hard to use for a new user at least if it was fast like they sad ill stick with here and try to learn slowly every day but it wasn't the only one he sad it's normal is brandon from TechHut, can you imagine how I feel that mement :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: stupid and dump I know but I learn evry day somthing new about linux slowly but learn and I think dont make the same mistake twice

the first distro I use was Manjaro KDE and it's the best arch-based distro for new users and beginners without a doubt everything works great out of the box but it has a bad community too and I'm not going to use it again if it was the only Linux distro out there because someone admin on their community I don't how to describe the word I feel he try to make fun on me for every time I ask something
EndeavourOS wok well for me always and they have really the best community I've seen so far especially those from the EndeavrourOS team really respect them
the beautiful distro I used so far is Archcraft it was my first experience with the window manager and I love it really that's why I'm trying to use window manager but it has issues and no one car either in discord and late reply on Reddit I would like to try Arcolinux to learn Linux but I can install it on my machine I just don't know why I download the iso and try to install it many times I feel shame when I ask Erik and I don't use his distro I try other distros too...I was planning to go back to EndeavourOS
but the worst thing I do is I try garuda :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: it's really the fastest distro out there zen karnel and btrfs great I love it and I wish they put iso for Openbox
so pls pls pls help new users SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH, I'm not good enough with English that's why I ask too much
sorry I make this too long and you don't know how much time It takes me to write all this and correct some world with Grammarly extension :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

This means the expat package exists twice in your package database, which probably indicates something has become corrupted.

This means a file in a package you're trying to install already exists on disk:

Garuda is not, and never has been, a "distro for noobs", "newbie friendly", or "intended for new Linux users".


Did you ever get around to running this command?:


Ok I know it's not easy in the beginning and that's why I'll count on you and I’m thankful for your support and understanding all of you really tanks for your reply I really appreciate it :innocent:

No, but I think everything is ok now

 [email protected] in ~ took 30ms
 λ ls /var/lib/pacman/local/ | grep expat

 [email protected] in ~ took 450ms

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