Error: You need to load the kernel first

I had error shown above. This afternoon (12.40 pm, GMT + 7) I updated my garuda linux using

sudo pacman -Syu

and it finished updating.

Sometime later I restarted my laptop, and then this happened.
I am able to log in to my Garuda using snapshot from before the update.
Please help me.

when in snapshot
open timeshift and restore it


Sounds like you kernel was updated and a module got borked?
Don't quote me on that.
After restoring I'd wait a week or so to update again, see if time fixes it.

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So I used snapshot to restore and this morning I updated. Everything went well. That's just weird right? Then how come it get borked in the first place?

A broken package has been fixed in the meantime, so everything is running again and this is a good example for Btrfs and timeshift-autosnap.

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