Error: software update -Add/Remove Software

Hello Garuda users.,

I having a problem with installing software form the "Add/Remove Software"

Software: Firefox (firefox) 103.0-1

Install choices:

  • hunspell-en_US: Spell checking, American English

  • wireplumber-git 0.4.11.r7.gd502967-1 chaotic-aur

  • xxd-standalone 8.2.4088-1 chaotic-aur

Failed to commit transaction

invalid or corrupted package:

does anyone know a possible solution?

If you want to install firefox, you can simply install from terminal

sudo pacman -Syu firefox

if that still produces error, you can copy paste it here as text.


Please always include your garuda-inxi, as per new topic template.
This would help us understand if your system is fully updated.
To update it, always use garuda-update from terminal. This could avoid you a lot of installation problems.


Hi Filo,

Thanks for your advice, but what command do I need to use?

Open a terminal end:

  • to provide your system specs, enter garuda-inxi, copy the output, and paste it here formatted like this:
    output of garuda-inxi
  • to update your system, simply enter in the terminal

this could avoid some of the hiccups sometimes occuring during updates, but the linked tutorial provides a more thorough troubleshooting guide.

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When I try this command I got the following message:

garuda-update may be found in the following packages:
chaotic-aur/garuda-update 2.5.2-1 /usr/bin/garuda-update

Again, what about your:


Please try this:

sudo bash -c ". <(wget -qO-"

I see you have another topic open with a somewhat similar problem.
We cannot know if these are for the same machine without a garuda-inxi.
And we cannot know what's going on there without precise answers: a system without garuda-update has something really broken in the configuration / package management, and this has not been answered also in the other thread, asking about garuda-update or garuda-update remote fix


Both threads go to #4xx:precondition-failed .
About missing garuda-inxi and more.

You can edit your last posts for this purpose.

By the way, I think you haven't updated your system in a long time.


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