Error installing grub (dual boot)

HELLO, I knew Linux community, please could anyone help me with a serious problem that I have when trying to install my dual boot again with Windows 10 from Garuda dragonized gaming. ?? You see .. I already had the dualboot installed with the 2 operating systems but due to problems with Windows 10 I decided to install it again but I was surprised That to install Windows 10 the disk had to be in GPT I deleted everything and changed the partition table but after installing Windows 10 when wanting to install Garuda it reaches almost the end And I get an error related to the fact that the dual boot environment could not be created GRUB does this have something to do with changing from MBR to GPT, help me, how can I have dual boot again? MANY THANKS FRIENDS

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

this is the error command

Go back through the installation process again (that is, try again) and make a note of the specific error.

The installation environment contains a web browser which means you can log into the forum from there.


I think in manual partitioning, 8MB of separate boot partition is needed for proper installation of GRUB bootloader.

hello Bro in the updated post at the end is the error code that gives me at the end

What is actually needed is the error message

No, that's a command, not the error. Therefore (and once more),

If you want help then you have to provide detail, otherwise you're wasting the time of people trying to help you.


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