Error in making usb bootable pendrive

I made a bootable pendrive using balena etcher of windows 10 .. But when i try to boot it nothing happens and i get booted to the starting screen of garuda linux... Please help me ....


We need more info to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

could you explain what you mean by the starting screen?
what DE did you choose?

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I guess you meant you boot into Windows as normal...?
In that case, always try to use the F12 (or whateven function key works for you model) several times immediately after pushing the power button to get to the screen where you can select from where to boot (and select your USB).

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Means, the boot screen from where we start garuda linux

I know all the steps of how to install windows operating system but the windows installation boot screen does not come

But this is (Garuda) Linux, not a Windows installation, it is different!
When you boot from a USB with a Garuda Linux image, you should get to a "Grub" (text) screen where (I don't remember all the option by hearth) there should be one to start with free grapihc drivers and one with proprietary drivers (normally it is better to start from the former), that after a while hopefully you'll get to the Garuda GUI. From there you'll be able to install using a graphical "installer".
But I definitely suggest you search on the Internet for some videos and instructions...

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i can't find it on internet

Did you set to boot from usb in your bios ?

Here there are some instructions and a link to a video:

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No i don't want this

So, to confirm - your Windows 10 installation medium doesn't work?

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The installation screen is not coming

But when i use virtual box it works very well.

This is not a Microsoft Windows support forum.

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Are you sure you downloaded correct version of windows? Because I think that windows have different versions for vm and bare metal installation. Make sure you have right iso.

I am now closing the thread because if it is working fine on virtual box, there must be some issue on your part

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