Error in connecting wifi and it keeps disconnecting or gives very negligible amount of speed


I had Garuda on my laptop and now bought a PC and added Garuda here

The problem is that I cannot connect to internet

It shows configuring interface

And if even by mistake it connects it gives speed of 10 kbps barely that though for only 2 to 3 min and then it disconnects. That after keeping router on the cpu

I couldn't even update it the very first time which was one of the answers I found in forum

Please help me :pray::sob:

It says wlp0s20u8
Wifi couldn't be found

Are you dual booting?
can you provide your


from the live usb


when my system does that i know i need to reboot the wifi router.

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I did it like a thousand times. I connected lan cable 17 times and reset router 19 times and it still does the same

it is that first step that seems to always get forgotten when troubleshooting.

before any other things can be thunk of we need the garuda-inxi like TilliDie said.

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