ERROR: Failed to mount '/dev/disk/by-label/GARUDA_KDEMULTIMEDIA_SOARING_ULT'

okay, i think their download on the website is not correct, because it gives the same answer

Can you provide specific links to the file you are downloading and where the checksum is listed?

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and then the Multimedia variant

That's the page, not the specific link. I want the specific link you used.

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ISO : Download Garuda Linux from


OK, that's weird. The SHA1 checksum for the image seems to match:

Check the SHA1 sum, and if that doesn't match the above then it's your download.

i get a different one: b9fea4f7399b082d9419b11f32afe001bab48f65ceda95e9829478af62ffa4d7
the first one i used was also different. but this matches the outcome of the checksum in powershell\

so. the checksum matches, so i think it is correct

Please also verify the SHA1 checksum as it's very easy to see whether it matches the file on the server (as in the screenshot above).

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As a general rule, never...I mean never, try to install OS from an ISO without checking the checksum.

it matches the checksum

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OK, so next comes steps 2 and 3 from above:


already wrote it again, did not work so ill see if i can find another flash drive

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We had another user on Telegram with similar issue, and I remember that it was solved by changing USB Drive (he bought a new pen drive, because he had a very old usb drive)

Here is the error he got

Also, check your sssd/ hdd too.


okay it works now, oh my god sorry for wasting all your time

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I can't understand, what is the problem now, if

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You need to create one 300 mb fat32 partition and mount it as /boot/efi and flag it with esp and boot

And one btrfs partition mount it as /