ERROR: Failed to mount '/dev/disk/by-label/GARUDA_KDEMULTIMEDIA_SOARING_ULT'

i have issues when i want to install garuda. if i open it with the nvidea driver thingy it says that it cant mount or something. and when i click on open source it says it failed to op deamon(something).

For legacy bios system

You need to only create one btrfs partition and select mountpoint as /

And set boot flag.

For uefi

You need to create one 300 mb fat32 partition and mount it as /boot/efi and flag it with esp and boot

And one btrfs partition mount it as /

i have uefi

it has a 3,97 mb partition with efi/boot and in there is a bootx64.efi

What is full file name of your ISO file which was you downloaded?
Did you make bootable CD with balena etcher?


i made it bootable with RPi-Imager, Rufus and ventoy but all the same results, the current one is RPI

The more specific you can be about the issue the more likely someone will be able to help.


mount : /run/miso/bootmnt : special device dev/sda does not exist.
ERROR: Failed to mount ' /dev/disk/by-label/GARUDA_KDEMULTIMEDIA_SOARING_ULT'
Falling back to interactive prompt
you can try to fix the problem manually, log out when you are finished
sh: can't acces tty: job control turned off

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OK, looks like the image is corrupt or didn't write correctly to the USB flash drive. Therefore:

  1. Verify the image checksum
  2. Try writing again
  3. Try a different USB flash drive

how can i verify the image checksum?

Read the wiki...

Verify the checksum of the downloaded ISO to see if the download was successful, use in the same directory:

sha256sum -c file.sha256

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im not on linux, and that looks like its for linux? or am i wrong (still very new)

An internet search :slightly_smiling_face:


sorry :slight_smile:

how do i see if it matches since there is nothing to see?
i opened it in notepad++ and the thing what was written in there was: 4e1b737e92564f7beb48cba55fe35fa1ee63667dc259366d0d5161ed7a4f9cdb garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-210329.iso . i pasted the outcom below that and it does not match. but i dont know if thats the right way

outcome: b9fea4f7399b082d9419b11f32afe001bab48f65ceda95e9829478af62ffa4d7

So what do you think that means, and what should you do next?


It means the download was corrupt or otherwise incomplete, so you should re-download and try again.

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that its not correct, but i didnt know if it was the right way, but now i know it is. thanks.
i already downloaded a new iso from their website, now gonna see if it is correct


okay, i think their download on the website is not correct, because it gives the same answer

Can you provide specific links to the file you are downloading and where the checksum is listed?

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and then the Multimedia variant

That's the page, not the specific link. I want the specific link you used.

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