Error Attempting balenaEtcher install from Add/Remove Software

I was attempting to install balenaEtcher and ran into this error. I've tried a few times to see if I was missing something but I cannot seem to get this installed properly.

I 2021-03-08_10-59

I'm getting the same error of dependency…
And I think it's because of the electron9 is not added in Chaotic-Aur…
So you have to wait till the electron9 will be added in Chaotic-Aur….
Or if you don't want to wait you can build electron9 from AUR then install Balena…

Read the comments. You might want to try re-installing, but directly from the AUR.


It looks like electron9 has been removed from the community repo and moved to the Aur. The current version for electron in the community repo is 10. I guess the maintainer of etcher hasn't updated his package to reflect the change.


It's no longer a required dep. Oops! I was wrong...misread comments.

EDIT: I would be tempted to:
A. Use the -git version, or
B. Install isoimagewriter, which is made for KDE.


Unfortunately the bin is flagged out of date:
aur/electron9-bin 9.4.3-1 (+1 0.97) (Out-of-date: 2021-03-06)


My CPU is currently cooking eggs....

I am doing this... etcher is not worthy.

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It's a quick pkgver bump if people are impatient. :wink:


The only reason Garuda recommends Etcher is for all the Windows only newbies attempting to install Garuda. While there is nothing technically wrong with Electron based apps per se, they are totally inefficient resource and space wasters. Many other comparable Linux GUI programs are available that don't have the excessive overhead of etcher.

Do yourself a favor and install one of the good Linux only apps that aren't electron based. Why cause yourself all this grief for an app that many consider close to spyware for the data it reports back to etcher. There's just way better choices for a Linux install. Personally I recommend Suse Studio ImageWriter, but there are lots of other good choices out there without Etcher's negative aspects.


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