Erasing programs completely

Hi again, sorry, another noob question:
In my LM past, I used Synaptic to really erase any program files I wanted to get rid of. This is not available in Garuda, right? What can I use instead?
My problem is that I tried to get Kdenlive to work today, probably by installing different versions from different repos. So I suspect that there are some remains hovering in the background, even though the installation process usually tells me that conflicting stuff will be deleted. So now, before I give it another try with a Flatpack I want to clean the system. Being in Garuda, I suspect there is no GUI program for that? So console? Does purge work Or what else?

Just use pacman.

Is not supported by Garuda.
Check arch wiki pacman. Pacman –
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The only thing the package manager does not delete is stuff in your home folder, including kdenliverc and other config files in .config and .local/share


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