Epson Printer Utility doesn't open

Hello, I installed Epson driver "escpr" and Epson Printer Utility to check ink levels, view errors... for Epson XP-225.
The print works, while the Epson Printer Utility doesn't open

Installed both from Octopi.

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Missing your garuda-inxi.

Maybe only for M$ ???


The driver "escpr" works, I can print from Garuda, while the epson-printer-utility doesn't open and can't check ink levels, maybe the package needs update or must be tested on another distro

And again

Maybe only for Microsoft?

But which one you installed?

And for closed source you must ask there.



I installed Epson driver escpr 1.7.21-1 that works

While epson-printer-utility 1.1.1-18, to see ink levels doesn't open, tried also to reboot but the program don't start

Test the others and also start the app from terminal to see, maybe, the error log.
And again, ask Epson support, you paid them with your purchase and post your garuda-inxi, you can edit your posts.

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That program is years old and i do not think it was ever intended for modern Linux and modern printers the last comment was in 2020


I resolved in this way, and can help others:

Writing in the terminal: epson-printer-utility get this error.

The following error can be safely ignored. I don't know what is the cause, but it doesn't affect usability: Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: (icui18n: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"

If you get the error Communication daemon down, Error code = -1, you have to start the ecbd service. You can either do that with sudo systemctl enable --now ecbd.service if you want the service to run at system startup or with sudo systemctl start ecbd.service if you only want to start the service manually each time you use epson-printer-utility.