Encrypted LVM

I’m not having any problem in particular, but I just have some general questions about Garuda. I’m interested in reinstalling Garuda on say a 500 GB NVMe stick, and this version of Linux is the right version for me in every which way possible. However, there is one issue I can’t seem to find a solution to. When comparing Garuda to Debian, and say when I install Debian on to a system, I get this as an option:

The installation of Garuda doesn’t seem supply an encrypted LVM as an option when I boot up with the ISO file. Is it possible to do this somehow then proceed to manually partition the drive? I’m in desperate need for such a security measure after something bad happened to one of my Garuda systems.

Is it possible to do something like this Arch Linux Full Encryption Installation Guide · ~/blog with Garuda? This link is specifically for an installation of Arch not Garuda. However, I was thinking that if you did a partial install of Arch after all the partitions have been established, shut down the install of Arch then proceed to continue with a Garuda install when the core has been put in place. Or am I over thinking this? I’m open for any thoughts

Assumed requirement:
BIOS: UEFI-only (for EFI and GPT)
Empty 500GB NVMe

Boot the garuda-live.iso and open the calamares installer.
In the Partitions section select the nvme and click Erase disk.
Then click Encrypt system below and enter a password for encryption. Install Garuda and reboot.

Now you have a garuda linux with luks-FDE and LVM2.


I’m just trying to follow through with these instructions here with your suggestion Installation Manual | Garuda Linux wiki

Can I select the encrypt system but still do manual partitioning?

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