Enabling animated backgrounds in Zoom

I hope this is the right place to post - I'm a new Garuda user, and I'm not sure if this is more of an Arch thing, a KDE thing, or something else, so I figured I'd try here first.

I'd like to enable using animated backgrounds in Zoom. Zoom calls these "smart backgrounds" (?), and they're disabled by default, at least on Linux. They provide guidance on how to enable them here, it revolves around updating a ZoomMedia.ini file, but I can't find the file anywhere. The doc from Zoom provides some sample locations, but they don't seem to exist in Garuda. I've even tried greping for SMARTVB, the setting that needs to be altered, in any directory with Zoom files, but haven't found anything.

It seems like the whole zoomvdi directory that is mentioned in the doc doesn't exist. (Yes, I have a working installation of Zoom on the machine.)

Any ideas? Alternatively, if I should be asking this somewhere else, please point me in the right direction.


find -iname 'zoommedia.ini'

in terminal.
Normal place for ini files are in .config (dot files are hidden).

There seems to be no need, but the release of garuda-linux is always appreciated.



Looking in ~/.config did yield two Zoom config files (zoom.conf and zoomus.conf), but the SMARTVB setting does not exist in them (nor in the entire ~/.config directory, I grepped). (The find command you recommended also yields no results.) I see a similar issue referenced here, but don't really understand the reference to "SBo Zoom", and think it's a Slackware thing.

This document says virtual background files are saved in ~/.zoom/data:


Virtual backgrounds

Zoom saves the default virtual backgrounds to ~/.zoom/data/VirtualBkgnd_Default and the custom virtual backgrounds to ~/.zoom/data/VirtualBkgnd_Custom.


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