Elite Dangerous wont run from it's native launcher

Hi. I’m trying to install Elite Dangerous using it’s native Frontier launcher. with Wine using Lutris. I have read else where that you need to download the installer from Frontier and save it in .wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Frontier/EDLaunch and then use the ‘Add games to Lutris’ to install a Windows game from an executable. I have done this and it does install the launcher but when you attempt to play the game the first thing it does is launch the Hardware Reporter, which collects info about your system for upload to Frontier, runs and then terminates. The error log is

Started initial process 415311 from gamemoderun /home/bazza/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/wine-ge-8-19-x86_64/bin/wine /home/bazza/Games/elite-dangerous-1/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Frontier/EDLaunch/HardwareReporter.exe
Start monitoring process.
fsync: up and running.
wine: Using setpriority to control niceness in the [-11,11] range
Exited without upload.
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 0)
Exit with return code 0

ED runs with no problems from the Steam launcher. Can anyone suggest why the native launcher fails to work.

OK I got it sorted. For the benefit of any one else who wants to do this here’s a step by step how-to.
This guide is correct at the time of writing so keep that in mind if this does not work for you.


Before we start we need to install a version of Wine in Lurtis that supports Fsync as the System(8.18(staging)) currently does not.
Launch Lutris and scroll down to Wine and highlight it. You will now see 2 symbols to the right of it. Click the first symbol and a window for managing wine versions will open.
I installed wine-ge-8-20 and lutris-GE-Proton8-15 as these were the most recent ones, click ok to close it.
Now click on the other symbol that looks like a cog. In the ‘Configure Wine’ that is now open choose your wine version. I slected lutris-GE-Proton8-15. Save it.

To install the stand alone native launcher in Lutris you must download the game installer from your Frontier Account and save it to the Wine C; drive.
To do that launch the Garuda file manager (Dolphin) and highlight the Home folder.
Now click on the 3 bars on the top right and select show hidden files.
Now select the .wine/drive_c/Program Files(x86) folder and make a new folder called ‘Frontier’
In that folder create a new folder called EDLaunch and save the ED installer in it.

Back in Lutris click on the green + symbol at the top and select ‘Install a Windows game from an executable’ and follow the prompts’

When you first run the game it will start with the Hardware Reporter and then fail.
To fix this do the following.

Click on the little up arrow next to the play button and select ‘Configure’ from the pop up menu.
Go to the ‘Game Options’ tab and change the executable to the EDLauncher.exe /home/your-user/Games/the-name-you-gave-the-game/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Frontier/EDLaunch/EDLaunch.exe.

That’s it, when you next click the ‘Play’ button the Launcher should launch.

To get your existing bindings transfered go to edrefcard.info and generate a reference card which you can then download in Garuda

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