Electronmail causing update failure

I'm getting an error with electronmail which is causing updates and software installs to fail.
The error seems to stem from a well known signature.

Download of electronmail-bin (4.12.0-1) started
Download of electronmail-bin (4.12.0-1) finished
Checking keyring...
Checking integrity...
Error: electronmail-bin: signature from "Nico Jensch <[email protected]>" is unknown trust
Failed to commit transaction:
invalid or corrupted package:

I could just uninstall electronmail, but I feel this is garuda specific.

Hi there,

Please read FAQ or use forum search before posting.


Hi there.
I have read the FAQ and I did search the forum and didn't come across this. Thanks for the help.

Then I
mark-it-solved ! :slightly_smiling_face:


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