Electron9 update xfce

hi; all has everyone had to do this update?
since 4am on my quad core ryzen 1200 it's been building (i think).
it's at 29000/out of 320000 last check.
first package to take this long

It's building. Today Electron9's building also haunted me. I just uninstalled electron9 because I don't need it anymore and I am using electron binary from repo.


electron9 was dropped from the Arch repos yesterday. I added it back to the AUR. Compilation will take a long time (and a lot of RAM) as you're essentially compiling Chromium.

electron9-bin is in the AUR (as used by Manjaro for their electron9 package) if you need it - though it was removed from the Arch repos because nothing in the Arch repos uses it (so you probably don't need it).


LMAO, I'm still on 27k/32K at the moment xD

took almost the whole day lol.
16gigs ram.
I got Vivaldi installed and firefox +kdenlive but i think i need it for Vivaldi browser based on Chrome/chromium.
really making me wish i could get the speed dial feature in the new firefox clone/secure model .
or someone came up with new browser software.

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Well, Chromium is actually one of the worst applications when it comes to compile time :grin:


Btw, we do now indeed have this in Chaotic-AUR for you guys :grimacing:


ty very much

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