Electron pop up at start-up

After every reboot - find this strange pop up appearing and unable to understand why it happens. While it does nothing of significance except cause a mere nuisance of trying to turn it off everytime; havent noticed any other issues caused in the system.

Can someone help to help me eliminate it please?

PS: Use the Dragonized version.

Open up system settings and look under workspace->startup & shutdown->autostart and see if there is anything there.

In workspace->startup & shutdown->desktop session, make sure you don't have "Restore manually saved session" checked.

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Thank you but There is nothing there except the apps that I require at startup and this is not one of them.

"Restore Manually saved session" is also not checked.

I also see this pop up...
I have not set it to autostart...
But since I have set Bitwarden to autostart..and Bitwarden is built using electron...
I see the pop up...
(Bitwarden never autostarts, only electron autostarts, even though I have told it to autostart)

@VickyD Do you have you set any other app to autostart which uses electron?

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You are correct. I think it did start ever since i installed Bitwarden too. And its set at Auto Start.

Then we are on the same page :slightly_smiling_face:
I don't know it's fix though :roll_eyes:

How did you set Bitwarden to start automatically?

If it's an in-built function then it's possible that it doesn't understand how the packaged version works (e.g. expects a bitwarden command and gets confused that it runs using electron11).


Hi all.
Check if this helps...


Perfect.. This done the trick. Not only does the pop up vanish but now Bitwarden starts on reboot.

Thanks a lot for providing the link and ultimately the solution too. Appreciate it. @QuinnCunxx2037 - this should help solve your issue as well. Check it out.

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The solution worked like a charm :+1:t5:
Thank you everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


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