Eldenring randomizer in linux

Hi I have a question I want to use the elden ring randomizer mod. When I have used Wine in the past to get the randomizer itself working it cannot find my .steam folder and am unsure how to find it so it can find the eldenring.exe file. Any ideas? youtube and basic searches have yielded not much beyone steam deck stuff which doesn't help.

Typically it is located in; [Steam Folder]/steamapps/compatdata/1245620/pfx/

The randomizer might be having issues locating it because .steam is a hidden file. If that is the case, not sure about how to go about it. I have ran into this issue, which is why I try and run GOG games via Lutris, so much easier, especially with modding. If I bought it already on Steam, then I relieve myself of guilt from getting a pirated version, which again, I use Lutris to setup. Maybe someone else will know a way.

This might??? help you. It is for the Steam Deck, which is basically Arch linux;

Guide for getting mod engine 2 / elden ring randomizer mod working on the steam deck

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