Edit transparency?

How do you edit the transparency on windows such as the search bar and the terminal to be less transparent or how do I disable it altogether?

Edit terminal profile.

There are many search bars. Which one are you referring to?

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Eidt terminal profile

How so?

Which one are you referring to?

The application menu, but also Dolphin windows. It's just a bit too transparent for my liking and it makes it hard to read/type when there are bright backgrounds.

Open terminal, go to click on settings in task bar > Edit Current profile > Appearence > sweet > edit > Adjust Transperency

Change kvantum settings. (Open kvantum manager and configure to your likings)
Also, you can change application menu by changing plasma style. I personally like breeze dark if you don't want blurs.

Also, try to search on search engine / try to search things yourself from next time.
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