Edit lid switch on Sway edition

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Garuda may overrule the settings in /etc/systemd/logind.conf

I edited the file to:

I obviously uncommented the line, and saved as root.
It still goes into suspend, once I close the lid of my laptop.

Does anything else cause this, besides logind.conf?

I believe this file here is the culprit: etc/skel/.config/sway/config.d/clamshell · master · Garuda Linux / Themes and Settings / Settings / garuda-sway-settings · GitLab

# Clamshell Mode
set $laptop <eDP-1>
bindswitch --reload --locked lid:on output $laptop disable
bindswitch --reload --locked lid:off output $laptop enable

exec_always ~/.config/sway/scripts/clamshell.sh

Obviously there is an associated script in ~/.config/sway/scripts, but just commenting out/deleting/moving the clamshell file should be enough to stop the behavior.


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I commented out each line, still same behavior.
I reloaded Sway after changing the file.

Hmm, try logging out/back in or rebooting in case the script is still in play somehow.

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That worked, thanks dear

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