Easyeffects plugins

Hello, I installed easyeffects through the Garuda tool
but when i check the preset and effects for the mic .. alot of presets or effects missing plugins like Calf studio gear and linux studio plugins
i had arco linux before garuda and i didn't have this issue

Can anyone help me please on how to install the missing plugins for EasyEffects
I have Garuda KDE Dr460nized standard version not the gaming one

Please always provide your garuda-inxi for new topics, as requested by the template.
As regards your issue, I'm not an easyeffects user, but I think you might give a look here:


I think you should install the desired optional dependencies too.

fish❯ pacman -Qi easyeffects

My memory is spotty at best, but my lucidity says that you have to install the plugins you want. Like eating at a buffet or smorgasbord!

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easyeffects not found

This works...

sudo pacman -S easyeffects

Thanks.. I solved it by uninstalling easyeffects and installing from Pamac software .. that way I got a popup to install the additional missing plugin through Chaotic AUR

Pamac will break your system sooner than later. Glad you have it working, I think.


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