Eagle Mode - new default Garuda file manager?

Kidding, of course, however I did play around with this some and it is actually really cool, if not a bit ridiculous. It's not just a file manager but that's probably the most useful utility it provides other than being able to infinitely zoom through the cosmos, fractals, etc. Check it out / get your eagle eye on!

Demo Video

Eagle Mode Project Page


Ridiculous yes, but also very entertaining. I couldn't stop watching. Thanks for sharing that.


Would be trippy on LSD, fer sure. :wink:


hhtp, not open source? no git.
video is from 2011, 10 ears old :scream:


the age of some of what I was initially seeing didn't sit real well with me either and I was more than a little put off by the fact that they call Sourceforge home, (based on widely reported unacceptable past behavior for any site that values its users but especially one offering FOSS hosting services, DLs, etc.) but then came to find their relatively frequently and as recently as 4 months ago updated AUR package. I then came to learn that many have declared SF as safe again ever since new ownership allegedly rid the site of any and all remnants of its past dubious acts. And unless I'm mistaken, which could well be the case, GPL3 liscensing = FOSS, does it not? I'm just going off of its AUR package details.

Not that any of this is of any consequence, as it was just a crack I made due to its name and Garuda's "Eagle" releases somewhat coinciding.

yes nice to see on my lsd trip but i have also crazy thoughtz because itz 10 years old
and whould i use it for me i think noooooo i have enough to do with normal explorer *LOOOOOOOOOOL

but really great to watch and think it useful for developer
or even entering the matrixx *LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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Another idea for the 1st of April


Naw, I think April first is the scheduled release date for the Garuda Antiquated edition (based on Debian stable) that all the new users have been clamouring for. :wink: :crazy_face:


This is seriously fantastic. So old and so cool to watch. When he zoomed into the subway lines I lost it. Thank you for sharing! I really loved this