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Hello Garuda people,

I am looking to keep Garuda Linux as my main os, I realy like it so far.The only problem I am having is an e-mail client for my mails and calander. I have 2 mail types, exchange and exchange online. Exchange online with 2FA enabled and this is mostly the problem I think.

Do you guys know a mail client who can do both? I tried Thunderbird and evolution but don't quite do wat I need it to do.

I know you can do webmail with both but having the calendar and mails in 1 program is realy nice.

I guess you could find a list of Linux email clients and then deep-dive into feature details of each. That's what I did a while back and trashed them all cuz they all sucked vs my requirements, but yours are different.

Such a list exists and Linux Experiment on Youtube talked about many of those The BEST email clients for Linux - YouTube

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thanks for your reply, I will look into your link. Sinds exchange online is widely used I was thinking somebody must already been looking for this "problem".

Most certainly yes and I think he does talk about that on his video... that's why I believe it would be a good start for you. :slight_smile: I hope I am not wrong.

yea thanks I will look at it after the football match :slight_smile:

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Other options here