Dumb question about fish

So, I really like the way that the fish shell looks in Garuda. I tried installing fish on my ubuntu machine and it looks very different. How do I make fish look like the Garuda one? Is it a certain theme or a custom version?

If you require assistance with an Ubuntu install I'm sure they have a forum for that. Frankly, many here are getting mighty tired of users that want to run another distro but make it look like Garuda continually asking how to mimic Garuda on a different distro.

All of Garuda's configuration files are hosted on Gitlab. If you want to copy any facet of Garuda on another distro the files are there for all to see. Do your own research if you wish to clone a certain aspect of Garuda to another distro, don't expect us to tell you how to configure a completely different distro.


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