DualSense Connectivity with Steam

Hi, today I got a new DualSense controller for PC and everything works fine, except with Steam on Linux. I have a Windows partition and have the controller all set there and Steam recognizes it. But, in Steam using Garuda, it only recognizes it at first. Once I launch a game using Steam, It stops working altogether. Even in other programs, such as RPCS3. I do have the controller options on in Steam, such as Playstation and generic inputs, plus a combination of all of the others. I am running the latest Zen Kernel and I did use a previous controller before, Logitech F310. I mention this because I read something about "controller priority" being configured in Steam, I believe. Thank you for anyone with knowledge on this.

We always ask here to stick to the template and post garuda-inxi, regardless of whether the help provider deems it necessary.
In the long run, this will save unnecessary inquiries about the system, hardware, partially upgrades, rebooting after kernel update, etc. etc.

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I fixed it.

Glad to hear it @EclipseSSK. If you can describe how you fixed it, perhaps it can help someone else stuck on the same issue in the future.


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