Dualboot partitioning

Hello, i cant install garuda. I want to dualboot it with windows, i create one partition, mount point - /boot, filesystem fat32 and 500 mib in size. Another partition is 63 gib, btrfs, and / mount point, i install it and then i see:
GRUB_ . Nothing works, except Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot.
What did i do wrong?

1- you tried to dual-boot while having no clue what you’re doing.
2- you deleted the forum post template without reading it.
3- you failed to provide garuda-inxi as specified in said template.
4- you failed to search the forums for info that would have informed you that dual-boot is not officially supported by Garuda.

welcome to Garuda where we will not hold your hand, but teach you how to walk on your own :smiley:

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Ok, if i make partition table like you, will it work, and can i skip the swap if i don’t need it?

i can’t say because i don’t know your hardware.
the mount points are important though.

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I think 32GB ram is enough, so can i skip swap?

IIRC create a partition, rest do the installer calamares, just point to the new partition.


You can try adding swap to a file instead of partition

I want to do it so much, but in just didn’t boot. This weird GRUB_ appears.(((

Maybe this will help

Maybe you can post you garuda-inxi from live ISO?

lsblk -f

log from terminal.
Maybe you found tut on YT?

apart the downloader app, use ventoy.net


Ok, how do i know if the system is installed as efi or not?

Not sure if that’s correct but i would do simple check
ls /boot

Oh i messed up topics i think. Do not take for consideration what i have posted

It is not clear where to start here.
Partition your hard disk under M$. One partition for Garuda Linux, nothing else.
Live ISO, install next to another OS, click on the partition.
Make entries, reboot, done.

This is not SUSE or anything else, Calamares the installer does everything for you automatically.


So in technical point you can install garuda, but after first boot you are getting into grub commandline?

If so

Here from 45min, author shows how to boot kernel from grub cmd

I am sure, you do not need a 45 min. tutorial.
Garuda Linux, Grub, is the simplest way to boot.

BTW, I like your avatar, heavy metal guitar player?


Haha yea like metal too :smiley: du hast, or america :slight_smile: but avatar is from unreal tournament

Yes i just posted from 45min timestamp he is showing how to boot from grub commandline
I think that knowledge is needed for different linux distros


i recommend having a very small swapfile partition, i always have a small physical swap for compatibility as some apps might demand it for functionality.
512MB is super small and represents one single physical data block on an SSD.

i even segregate a small swapfile for my Windows drive.


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