Dual Monitors on Garuda

Hi, I'm considering dual booting my machine with Garuda and Windows. My one thing with Garuda is that when I went on a live session to take a look at Garuda, my second monitor was just blank. I could drag windows on it and configure it in settings, but my request here is that you add a background and menu bar to additional monitors by default, that would be really great. I really love Garuda and this is just one feature I'd really like before I switch!

Oh, I forgot to mention, but I'm asking about the Dr4goniz3d edition of Garuda.
Thank you!

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This might help

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The ISO is for a quick check to see a working preview of the Distribution and setup. It cannot and should not cover all possible system peculiarities.
Since you can use your external monitor from Live session, you can easily customize your installation at your convenience.

Requesting the Distro maintainers to make the ISOs like your preference, is rude against all other people with different taste and hardware than yours.


This is the requests subforum? Isn't that where you request features that you want? I don't see how it is rude to ask for dual monitors to be themed. I'm sure other people want that too.

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Post links to your evidence.


The second monitor works, it is just not themed which is my feature request

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I just said I'm sure other people with more than one monitor would like this feature.

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You are very welcome to create this feature and contribute to the distro. Sincerely!


So I come to the feature request subforum to ask for a feature and I get told it's rude to ask for a feature I'd like added and that I should create it myself?

What the ■■■■ is this forum? Seriously.

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Look friend, there is no linux distro in the world that is going to customize an iso to your liking. You said that the second monitor works, that's great. That's a far site better then what to you might get otherwise. The tools are their to make it as you like, that's up to you.


So why is the feature request subforum here if I'm just going to be told that the ISO won't be customised for a request?

It's for major features, or software to be included in the repos, things like that. Gruda doesn't do custom install iso.

Neither does anyone else.


All I'm asking is that additional monitors just have the theme. I just thought it would be useful for people so they don't have to go and apply it themselves. But I guess I will go figure out how to apply the theme myself.

I'm just gonna log off now. I don't see this getting thread getting any further.

wie du den 2ten bildschirm anpasst weiß du hoffentlich
warum sollten es allein schon 2000 versionen der dragonversion geben nur weil jeder user andere wünsche hat

ist das nicht ganz normal wenn man ein neues system installiert man es für sich anpasst

wenn du nicht weißt wie man mit wenigen mausklicks nen hintergrund und ne symboleiste installiert dann tust du mir leid

ich hab deinem text aber entnommen das du es quasi forderst weil ist ja standart

how to adjust the 2nd screen hopefully you know
why should there be already 2000 versions of the dragonversion only because every user has different wishes

isn't that normal when you install a new system you customize it for yourself

if you don't know how to install a background and a symbol bar with a few mouse clicks then i feel sorry for you

I have taken your text but that you virtually demand it because it is standard

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Well, while I do like the idea of everything being themed I do not know how to get 2 monitors working - Im just using one so this went unnoticed until now.
Its noted but not in priority for now :slight_smile:


only right click and add desktop wallpaper choose first option
then if you want tasks and symbols as bar
right click add symbolbar it will shown on the first screen you must edit it and drag to second screen

Oh, thank you. I did know it was possible to add menu bars and stuff, I didn't know that you could duplicate an existing menu bar.

Thank you for helping, and I should start clearing space for my second partition

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with the wise words from bob marley

"everythings gonna be allright"

by the way i find it useful to make it black screen so everyone can cutomize on there own


The underlying issue is that (as far as I know) KDE sets desktop backgrounds per-output by default. As the Garuda live image has no way of knowing how many displays each user has, there's no way of setting wallpaper for every possible combination, orientation, or arrangement of outputs.

You'll sometimes see a similar thing if you rotate a monitor without refreshing the wallpaper setup - a black area of the monitor which initially appears "blank" but is in fact active.


THe team will cannot and will not make things every single user wants, Dm me when u get a team of super experienced Linux users to make it 4 u for FREE and No donations, It isn't like flicking a switch come try ur hand in coding applications with js or java u will get ur brain wacked now imagine people who code OPERATING SYSTEMS imagine how hard would it be if making simple apps is so hard for people and time consuming