Dual boot with Manjaro

I want to give Garuda an extended trial on my main system, to decide whether to switch permanently. I currently have Manjaro installed (UEFI and ext4). Can I simply instal Garuda onto a new BTRFS partition without a bootloader and use Manjaro's GRUB to manage booting. Or would I need to use Garuda's Grub?

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For UEFI systems this not a big problem.
Install Garuda. The installer will probably set Garuda default/1st at boot order.
You can easily change the default/1st boot option with efibootmgr.

efibootmgr -o 0000,1111,2222

man efibootmgr

You can also use Garuda grub to boot Manjaro AFAIK.
Whichever you choose, you have to update-grub.
Try and report your experience.


Thanks, I will give it a try. Once I have done a backup!


Success! Garuda and Manjaro are on separate SSDs and each can boot to the other. Now I have to decide which will be my main distro...


that's not a difficult decision :wink:

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