Dual boot windows 11 and garuda-linux

Hello everyone!
Im gonna make this question as fast as possible.I got windows 11 on my main pc and i decided to redownload garuda linux(i accidentally deleted its partition when downloading windows 11 lol).
i download kde, use rufus to burn it to a usb stick, go to bios and then force boot the usb.When i do that i get a little blue rectangle (like a canvas) that draws black rectangles at the position u overlap it with your mouse.Yea, weird.I tried to change boot priority but that doesnt work either because garuda gets skipped and i load into windows.So how can i run the live boot usb with windows 11 installed(idk if secure boot / csm-uefi cause any problems)Anyone has any ideas?thnx in advance

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Turn of Fast boot and Secure boot in the bios


hey dude, thnx a lot for the fast response.i ve read the instructions on the garuda download page, but if i do that will i be able to run windows 11?it will be really annoying to enable-disable secure boot everytime depending on which os i want to run.thnx again.

Yes there should be no problem as i run win 11 in daul boot with them all off


thnx a lot man i ll try it out and i ll come back if ive got any problems.thnx a lot again for the help and have a good rest of your day!cheers

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Use dd or ventoy.

Garuda dos not support dual boot in forum help. You are on your own if M$ destroy the grub boot, and you have to chroot the system. :slight_smile:


You can, but not with the full "recommended" Windows security measures, which preclude booting with anything else. It's their "pucker 'til yer constipated" hardware-based security.

Does nothing about social-engineered attack vectors, but you can't fix stupid...unless Stupid runs Linux, I guess.