Dual Boot win10 and Garuda

Is it recommended not to dual boot with Windows on an SSD? Arcolinux advises against it and was wondering if was the same here.

I'm quite sure that officially speaking dual-booting isn't recommended.

That being said, it makes no difference if it is an SSD or an HDD

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My mistake... I thought it was SSD's specifically. Thanks for replying. :grinning:

It's kind of like making out with your cousin. It's not that we don't recommend it, but you don't want others in the community finding out you're doing it (or your reputation is shot). :kiss:


You can do it, Though you will not be given support if you mess up your bootloader, as its not official supported.
Its like living life on the edge.
It words great, if it doesnt, meh

pssst i quad boot

Just to be precise, it's the first bullet point in the recommendations on the download page in the website :blush::wink:

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Why would that be true. If Arcolinux is advising against that is it an official statement?

The only thing I can think of is that awhile back, Windows own built-in defragger would TRIM SSDs daily instead of weekly or wherever you set it, regardless. It was a bug. If that is the case, please transmit to Arcolinux that Microsoft finally fixed that bug on Patch Tuesday a couple months ago. A TRIM won't hurt. And Windows is not going to defag a Linux filesystem.

It is a bit frowned upon spreading FUD. Some of our members react way too frenetically.


You've got a great mood these days @c00ter and I hate to spoil it!

Though, I hope it lasts long, so you can help all those dual-booters with win, when losing WiFi, BT, touchpad, bootloaders and more.

And I didn't make those up. I learnt on the post, while trying to support real people, not my imaginary friend. :wink:

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Only thing I know about that, is that Windows has been known to (virtually) lose Bluetooth Adapters. Happened to me. Dell tech support was no help. What did help, was turning any BIOS Fast Boot (name may be different) related settings regarding hardware from "Auto" or "Minimal" to "Complete." Or similar settings, accordingly.

My 2019 Dell desktop machine's BIOS/Fast Boot options had been factory set to "Auto." At some unknown date, after re-installing Windows for some unknown reason--probably to remind myself how much I appreciate Linux--it disappeared. Didn't show back up in any Linux distro, either, yet my BIOS showed the chipset as installed. It took me quite a while to troubleshoot, since I had not changed that setting myself. Works flawlessly now.

Kind of a real "doh" moment on my part but I'd be damned if I was going to ask @tbg for help until I had exhausted every possible resource myself first. I do have my pride, you know . :wink:

That is about all that I've learned about Windows since maybe NT4? I disremember. All I know now is that I feel like a babe in the woods in Windows 10 (not even mentioning 11) subsystems.

And I do want to apologize, @petsam, if I have offended you or anyone else lately. A lot of things came to a head since the start of the pandemic. It has affected me in ways I could not see at the time. I needed someone to talk to--get the shit off of my chest--but there was no one, not really. The shit was really piling up and I was lashing out at people, in the forum, even with the people I usually get along with. And I think one of 'em was you, @petsam. But all is not lost.

A couple days ago a friend of only a few years from a couple of these Arch-based forums messaged me. He'd read one of my hot weather rants here and wanted to know if and how he could help. An air conditioner? Would that help? He even offered to spend his own money, if I needed. Just say the word.

That affected me. It really, really did. I didn't take him up on his offer, since the worst of the heat was going to pass in a few days, but still, I was floored by his offers. And since we hadn't chatted for awhile, we started messaging back and forth and before you know it I was spilling my guts to him. I don't know what came over me, perhaps his act of generosity but he kept listening, I kept writing--my rants here are nothing, nothing compared to what I could fit into a forum message.

He kept listening and I stopped feeling so frenetic. I know that sometimes the kindest act can be listening. Just listening. I learned that in a therapeutic setting where I was the listener, but it hadn't popped into my head that I might be the one who needed to be listened to. Not now.

I got some good rest last night because of his acts of kindness. Today I feel completely different. I hope the feeling lasts for awhile. I want to show him how much his friendship, his offers to help, which came totally out of left field, mean to me. Perhaps I'll not rant so much at you kind folks.

He reads these forums--that's how he knew--but his identity is nobody's business but he and I, and I will not disclose it. But I hope he reads this. I really do.


After your therapeutic sessions, I thought you should have realized that, whoever loves, is never offended, or requires an apology of anything. Apologies are a necessity to those they make them :wink:
I would never need an apology from the widest known (in Arch world) father figure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And this makes me feel a little bit younger than my id says :rofl:
Keep on the good mood, pal :slightly_smiling_face:


I have to internal SSD. One had Windows because compatibility reasons and one has Garuda. Does that count as dual booting? I have a grub menu with both options to boot from but they're separate SSD instead of partitioned on the same one.

Something fundamental ...

We fundamentally reject Microsoft Windows.

For profit companies tend to exploit their employees. We don't like that.
Even an unemployed person can contribute to the further development of Linux distributions with his knowledge. We like that.



This is a good plan, although the problems are based on the fact that there is only one HW system and one UEFI/BIOS.
It is a risk to take, but you have a good plan.
There is no guarantee that you won't have issues, or that you will (concerning dual boot).

You just have to know what you are doing and educate yourself with the solutions, if and when something behaves strangely. :man_shrugging:


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