Dropping gnome for good

we will not create new iso for gnome
all old iso will be deleted

the gnome developement direction.
without extensions its useless.
and with extensions its broken.

by we, i mean.
it is @sgs and I @librewish.

and if someone wants to maintain or provide garuda gnome iso
they can do so by using garuda-tools.


Some would say the same for KDE, without plasmoids useless, without widgets useless,
And a interface from the 1990s.
So when you dropping KDE then?

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well i wont be dropping kde at all
im just setting my priorities
1.kde 2.lxqt-kwin 3.i3 4.xfce 5.deepin
6.wayfire 7.recbox (openbox)

it is only us who are gonna drop gnome.

because im not sure if i can provide quality
gnome and recently it has caused too many problem for us all the four to five iso of gnome were failure

and like i said anyone can pick it up
@dr460nf1r3 said he is gonna pick it


Arch based distros might not be the right choice for you if you are prioritizing DE over the distro’s features.
As you know arch updates too often and having a broken DE/extension is inevitable.

I might not be a “main” Gnome user and that’s one of the reasons why.
But we have to admit arch is not a good fit for Gnome, at least for now. You may still tweak it though by “blocking” some package updates… (shell & extensions)

Hopefully, @dr460nf1r3 will maintain it for other Gnome users that still want to “try”.

I definitly will do so.

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No offense :wink:
but if someone is suitable for Arch based DE’s then @mandog :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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MY my totally incorrect been using Arch since 2004 so I know arch inside out :smiley: Arch is very robust and stable if you do things the Arch way Lol

@Mr.Donova But we have to admit arch is not a good fit for Gnome, at least for now. You may still tweak it though by “blocking” some package updates… (shell & extensions)

More totally inaccurate nonsense my friend Gnome is very well suited to Arch as is every other DE and WM.
As for blocking updates shell and extensions I run pure arch using testing repros for the last 10 years before that I ran stable.
Broken updates Extensions you are joking of course I can’t remember the last breakage i had and if their is a chance of one the Arch front page informs you about it, Extensions again very rare they give a problem I get them direct from Gnome Extensions.org never from a specific distro.

Also i like to test out Arch based distros and give back limited feedback to the devs, I’m not elitist as you may think just because i use pure Arch as my work rig.
For me every Arch based distro has its place they all offer a unique experience the devs are willing to share with others Why because they are based on the Arch Core base as is Arch every Arch install is unique in its own way, the the same goes for Gentoo and Slackware the user builds a distro for themselves. So spins are the same built with the same care and enthusiasm

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Glad to hear that, you know what you do as an experienced user of Arch / Gnome.

As I told you, I tried Gnome a long time ago and it didn't match my work style. And I have a very bad upload rate to even try to create isos and help the community here with it or other DEs.
But I guess you could share more about your experience and help @dr460nf1r3 build isos based on Gnome.

My vision for Gnome, is to do it with useful ready-to-use extensions to help newcomers (Arch / Gnome) to understand the flexibility and functionality of Gnome (and even to know the existence of certain extensions).


NO DE will ever match every bodies work style as not every car matches our driving style its personal
For my use its just dash to dock and Arc-menu that can now be incorporated into dash to dock as dd incorparates most things needed


Arc Menu and Dash To Panel for me.

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Created an account to say:

+1 Wayfire

looks like i have to
do it.

one wayfire + one sway edition

ever tried to make a K-fire?

[edit] I will have to elaborate on this. (still on mobile, so not in absolute terminology or links)
On the website from KDE is a tutorial to set i3 as WM for KDE. I tried to set the same param to Wayfire on the ‘start-plasma-wayland’. But it didn’t lite any fire. Probably due a faulty wayfire from my side. Even if I did get it lit, I don’t have a clue how to mend the keys. Especially hard as the env I tried it in, didn’t have WCM. (wich needs gtk btw)

Term K-fire is mine.

You doth protest too much :hugs:

dont try to mix kde and wayfire both are same as oil and water