Dragonized Gaming edition, installation assistant bug

Reinstalled just for the sake of it, to my main machine and build a second machine for my home theater (ITX). Anyway, choosing programs from the assistant app, didn't install. Reason seems to be Thunderbird. If one tries to install it, the installer tells about problem (conflict) with thunderbird-app package (just from my memory) and whatever you will answer to that, all the installations fail.

Ran it 4 times, until I removed (well, did not choose to install) Thunderbird from the installation list, then it worked fine.

P.S. First time, I didn't install Windows at all :wink: Still, might do it, because of multiplayer games. But yeah, thanks guys (and gals?). Garuda is really nice OS!


Were you able to get Thunderbird installed after you booted into the new installation?

Yes, I did.

I had the same issues, the installer misses some app-packages, post-installed Thunderbird witout any issues thogh.

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