Dracut Error: unexpected number of devices: 0 != 1

Hello everyone,
While updating my system today I found that dracut has started generating this error while creating initramfs file.

:: Building initramfs for linux-lts (6.1.59-1-lts)
ERROR: unexpected number of devices: 0 != 1
:: Building fallback initramfs for linux-lts (6.1.59-1-lts)
:: Building initramfs for linux-clear (6.5.8-1-clear)
ERROR: unexpected number of devices: 0 != 1
:: Building fallback initramfs for linux-clear (6.5.8-1-clear)
:: Building initramfs for linux-zen (6.5.8-zen1-1-zen)
ERROR: unexpected number of devices: 0 != 1
:: Building fallback initramfs for linux-zen (6.5.8-zen1-1-zen)

The error doesn’t effect the final initramfs generated and still lets me boot into my system I am just confused as to why it’s happening. I tried to perform this operation manually with log level 6 but I still didn’t find anything that might highlight why this error has suddenly started to pop up out of no where. I tried searching the net but I can’t seem to find any similar issues online nor any such issues created on dracut’s github issue tracker.

The dracut log file: → https://termbin.com/jb21

The garuda-update logs → https://termbin.com/aelf

Garuda-inxi → https://termbin.com/7j9t

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Maybe same thing like in update grub

/usr/bin/grub-probe: Warning: Unknown device type nvme0n1.

Incorrect warning/error message and what means 0 != 1 here for dracut.
Whoogle is full with with explanations that are too extensive for me.

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Just saw this error and found your post on Reddit about it. Somebody posted about 10 minutes ago with some information that might help
Reddit - Dive into anything

edit: btw, the " 0 != 1" error is most likely saying something isn’t set to be on. The “!=” should be a “doesn’t equal” symbol.


Replied to them. Let’s see what happens.

Never realised my first nick was so unique. :rofl:


Hmm it might be an old btrfs-progs bug that has recently came back. Given the the name of the error… :thinking:


Yeah I believe you are right. I suppose I should open a new issue at this github page as no has re-reported it yet.


Unless I am mistaken, in the second github link I posted looks like the fix should be ready in the next version.

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Yes you are right that was my bad. Don’t know why I thought that was a recurring bug for some reason. I guess the day is just catching up to me. :sweat_smile:. Glad I hadn’t made the post yet.

New bug that shares an older error message at least. (From what I’ve been hearing it doesn’t look to be the same cause that was in the report from late May.)
If the same bugs don’t come back, the same error message sure like to anyways :rofl:


according to reddit:

The fix has been patched into Arch btrfs-progs 6.5.3-2 now in core-testing You can try that or wait till it lands in core.


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