Dr460nized non-Gaming vs Multimedia - differences

Hello there,

I'm a 13-year Kubuntu veteran, no distro has yet got me out of Kubuntu but... Garuda did it! And fixed a few Kubuntu issues I had along the way, this is impressive. Kudos to the maintainers!

Simply put, I was wondering the differences, apart from theming, between Dr460nized non-Gaming and KDE Multimedia versions?

Is the dr460 even faster, snappier, more kernel tweaks or other stuff like that, does it offer a different package list, etc.?


From the Downloads page:

What would be the point of having an edition which was faster or snappier than another? Why wouldn't the maintainers include the same tweaks in all editions if those tweaks helped performance? :thinking:


So it's a matter of packages and I can see that, roughly 300 packages less in the Dr460nized version.
I understand, thanks!


I haven't used all the KDE versions. Between the full-blown KDE and KDE barebones , KDE barebones is noticeably faster in my system. It will depend on your hardware though.

Is my understanding of Garuda correct by stating the following:

  • All of Garuda's editions are based on the same core configuration (kernel, parms, zstd, zram, tweks, etc.) but the shell (DE) on top of it is what differs. By "shell" I mean both the DE itself (KDE, XFCE, Gnome, etc.) and the applications suite included with each shell/edition.

Would my understanding be correct?


You're doing good, Frank. Keep up the learning. :smiley: