Download Version with LTS Kernel?

I am having a problem installing Garuda on a machine with Haswell graphics, probably because of the problem that is referenced here:

Is there a way to get an iso with a kernel prior to 5.7 so I can get this installed and then perhaps switch to LTS kernel?

I looked for the first release version but am unable to find a place to download it. Perhaps include an LTS kernel option on an upcoming release, but in the meantime provide a link to download an version with an LTS kernel?

thank you!

Hmm its possible to provide an iso with lts kernel.

Which edition do you want ?


I just tested and verified that yes this is my problem. I downloaded Manjaro with the 54 kernel (which is a download option at the Manjaro download page) and it installed without any issue whatsoever. So it appears that the 54 lts kernel would be the desirable option, if that is possible. And I would really appreciate it - I would like to convert all my machines to Garuda and stop using manjaro entirely. Thank you!

I just downloaded the barebones edition with the older kernel and it installed fine on my Haswell graphics machine. Thank you!


I mark-it-solved :slight_smile:


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Please do not necrobump old technical threads.

The Garuda Xfce edition also uses the LTS kernel.

If you require further assistance please open your own help request with your inxi -Faz output included.