Download links for dragonized broken?

I was trying to install garuda again, (I love the kde setup and needed a good kde rice) and had previously moved away from it because of performance issues when on an external display. Turns out its an issue with linux zen kernel and would love to give garuda a shot again.

The downloader is donwloading extremely slow for me, so is the sourceforge one. (capped at 500KBps) and was looking for the torrent but the page leads to a 404. Got an iso from here Garuda Linux 210928, 210809 Torrents and ran it as the seed to the downloader claiming a 74% start point. Funny the remaining download took 4x the amount of time it took me to download the iso. It booted properly but the "Install Garuda" linux option seems to do nothing for me.

What do?

Sorry for the inconvenience and welcome back :blush:


Anything about this?

One topic, one problem.
Please open new thread :slight_smile:

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