Downgrading to Plasma 5 / switching to GNOME

I was happily using Plasma 5 and everything worked the way I liked it. With Plasma 6, the overall experience just felt less polished and buggy. No kvantum, odd bugs here and there, and a lot of Kwin scripts still missing.

Is there any way to downgrade to Plasma 5? I tried to do a quick search earlier but it seems that it’s not recommended to do that, especially on Arch.

So if that’s not possible, how could I switch to GNOME instead? Is it just as simple as keeping a backup of my home folder and using that when I install it?

Same user :smiley: ?

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Nah that’s not me lmao. But thank you for the info!

No. Make a backup on other hardware and copy back what you need.
There are ways but on the long run it give you problems.

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Downgrade, no.
Restore a snapshot and avoid updating until you “hear” that KDE 6 has been extensively fixed (difficult to say…), yes.
But this is not in the philosophy of a rolling release distro.
You should accept the challenge and walk your way through the troubleshooting path…
And that’s where the garuda-inxi can provide some info.
If you want to switch to GNOME, it’s safer to reinstall.
Keep your data for sure, but not mess up with config files. KDE and GNOME are two very different beasts.


Great answer, thank you. I’m already creating a full backup of my drive to an external one (it’s only like 80gb) before I go ahead and reinstall.

By config files do you mean those in “/home/username/.config”?

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Yes that’s the config files folder.


You could backup and then try to install Gnome. If it goes wrong you can still reinstall. Having Plasma next to Gnome makes no trouble on my system.

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