Double pacman.conf

When I try to edit pacman.conf to enable multilib, and search in dolphin, I get 2 pacman.conf files, which one is it?

There's only one pacman.conf, there's no way that two files with the same name exists in the same location.

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Is one of them a .pacnew file or in a different location? The real one is at /etc/pacman.conf

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I can't upload photos, but here is a link to a drive with the photo: image_2023-04-23_170124709.png - Google Drive

Wait, I found pacman.conf but do I edit the one with a pencil or a doc?

You can spare yourself some grief by just editing this file in the terminal.

micro /etc/pacman.conf

Ctrl + Q to quit when you finish your edits.

pacman.conf is owned by root so you should be prompted to put in your password after you finish making your edits.


It is already enabled.

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