Double click to open folder

I have just installed Garuda dragonized KDE desktop and i must mention i love it's looks and feel but i am having an issue with activating it double click to open folder.
I have searched on here and didnt see this issue being addressed, i am sorry for any incoveniences caused if i am reposting this after it has been addressed


Why you do not look in dolphin settings?
On the other hand, IDK what the question is :smiley:

Double click to open folder


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thanks for the reply, have checked settings but didnt find it, can you give me pointers please?

As for where, folders in my home, desktop and other places, i only click them once and they open and i am not comfortable with that

System Settings :arrow_forward: General Behavior :arrow_forward: Clicking Files or Folders


thanks a million bro, i really do appreaciate, one more thing though, how do i hide folders and icons on my desktop

Rename and add a dot (.) Before name.

For example, you have to hide sample.png , just rename it to .sample.png and it is hidden.


The demands can be so different.

The first thing I do after installing an OS is to disable the annoying double click.
With the easy-to-use Garuda, that wasn't necessary.


Thanks boss, what i mean is on KDE neon there's an option to hide the whole desktop, not just file folder so i was hoping i could achieve this on Garuda

Where? Btw, you can also change desktop folder location. Maybe you are trying to use that.

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I don't know if that's what you want. You could drag the corresponding applet "Show desktop" onto the bar.


thanks @sunda and @Naman, you guys are a life saver... i appreciate you guys a lot

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