Dolphin not keeping it's set state after reboot

Just wanted to post this for others. The below is from my report on KDE's forum and on their bug report site. In EzArcher I ran Topgrade and then Discover. In Garuda I just ran garuda-update so I could see if it was a regular update or a theme component update causing the issue. Looks to be one of their regular update that's the culprit.

I have 2 Dolphin windows that I keep open at all times. 1 is TV Series and the other is with 4 tabs (shortcuts for the particular OS I'm in, Torrents, Movies To Watch, Last Night's). I noticed in EzArcher that when I reboot both windows are open but both are open to only the shortcuts. The other 3 tabs in the one window are closed. Any idea what might be causing this behavior?

I think it is a recent Dolphin version issue as well. I've just updated not long ago with garuda-update. Got Dolphin Version 23.04.1-1 from May 10th (the same from the KDE bug report)

I've tried toggling the startup settings in Dolphin back and forth from a set folder back to "folders, tabs, and window state from last time" in order to try to force the setting to come back, and still no luck. The window state is always reset and it defaults to Home (or whatever you set for the startup folder; changing that setting still works).

And hence why I created the thread here, on KDE's forum, and a bug report.