Dolphin file browser refresh not real time

Versiion: Garuda KDE Dr460nized

I have been using Garuda for some time and Linux for more than a 20 years and tried many distributions.
I am having this problem for the first time.

I notice this mainly when I download files
Whenever I download a file from the web or even copy paste from one folder to another I don't see the file in the dolphin.

For example, suppose I download a pdf from chrome i can open it within the browser without any issue. Then if I o to the download location or click open containing folder and inspect i do not see the file sometimes. In all instances I can see the file from the terminal. Some times I need to open a another file browser to see the file.

This happens sometimes even with copy pasting file between folders.

Any one having the same issue and why is this happening ?


Yes, press F5 = refresh

You can search in WWW about for an answer or open issue on KDE.


Refresh does not work.

It is not a problem with KDE as any other distros I use like do not have this problem only the Garuda has this problem .

I searched the WWW but no answers how to fix this on garuda

This is not just a Garuda issue. Dolphin is know for this behavior, but it's not enough to take away from a great file manager. As for refresh / reload yes it does work. Since Dolphin is a KDE application and this behavior does happen in other distros other than Garuda suggest it is a KDE problem and not a Garuda specific issue. I suggest that you not only report the issue on the KDE forums but also create a bug report that should be linked on the main page of their forums.


It has existed since at least 2013, and users have been pressing F5 since 2013.
Since Garuda only provides Dolphin in their DE but has no other influence on it, we can't help with that.
If it bothers you too much, use any other distribution that you think does not have this bug.

I'm marking it as solved, we can't wait until Dolphin fixes this bug.


You are making allegations that are factually incorrect and discredit Garuda as a cause.
I have to respond to that.

I have refuted it without insulting you.

Correct your post to that effect.


Simply WOW two people went out of their way to help you see the issue is not Garuda's and that's the thanks you you post. Maybe you should take the suggestion above after all and find a different distro.


I said it to SGS. not anyone else. Just because you help you can't just insult anyone. what is the point of helping in the first place.

Why such hostility for someone who is not an expert on Linux. The reason I bothered to come to here and ask for help was just to get help and continuing using Garuda. If my intention was to leave Garuda i would have done it without asking for help in the first place.

Why are you in so much hurry to show the door... did I said the offensive to Garuda or the person? did i said I am so bothered ... I just ask for help... If it is a close group project keep it private and don't bother to release it publicly.

Why are you diverting from the topic? It is solved.

Why do you insult me?
Because I refuted what you claimed?
Apparently you don't see the truth or can't handle it.

A suggestion is not an order.

If you want to troll, find another place.


The thing is, meanings get often lost in translations and a lot of people feeling hurt are just misinterpreting the posts. There is a slight difference between short posts & offensive ones. I wrote it once already today, don't take things too personal (imagine devs feeling hurt everytime someone says something remotely bad about their passion project, just as an example) :slight_smile:
Anyway, a good time to close this topic I guess. No need for further discussion of offtopics - we solved the matter already :wink: