Dolphin creates directories for copying first

I found nothing about it, so I’ll ask here. Dolphin is the Filemanager. The following happens. KDE running here.

I open Dolphin for “A”, and the otherone for “B”. Now I mark files and directories at “A” for copying to “B”. I start the copy process and stop/break it up, before it’s done completely.

Now I look at “B” and find all directories are there, even that ones, where no file was copied in, because of the “User Break/Stop”. That is for subdirectories too. The complete directory structure needed for the complete copy process exists.

Is it possible to configure Dolphin to create a directory if it is first needed for a file to copy inside? With this behaviour the unneeded empty directories will not exists. I have noting found for solving that. A directory, that exists before the copy process need to be unharmed or even touched.

Thanks for the help.

Bye, Christian

Hi Christian, please post the output of garuda-inxi for all topics in the Issues & Assistance category as requested in the topic template.

If you copy a directory, it should copy all nested directories as well. Everything you have described sounds completely normal.

Whatever you are asking is unclear. Are you asking if there is a way to exclude the directories from the copy operation, and only copy the files therein?


In my opinion, nobody needs this, if I cancel the copy process for whatever reason, I delete everything in B and start again.

Otherwise, ask the Dolphin developers what they think of it.

We wish that garuda-inxi would be posted for all requests.

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Maybe it a little unclear.

Mark files/directoies for copying and start it.
The First thing that Dolphin is doing is, to create all Directories that will be needed.
The second Step is than to start copy.
If I break the copy, dolphin stops.
At the Target there are now empty directories not needed nor used right now. This are having Zero Files in this directories.

What I want to happen while copying: Directories are created right before really used for copying a file into.

On Linux-Mint this is the normal way. On Mint it is only possible to start one copy process, regardless they interfere or not. The second copy task can be started manually. But that is not what I want/need.

My garuda-inxi has a size of 14k. My storage devices are going till “sdy” and some more. I have not posted it, because I think, it is not that kind of problem that has to do with hardware.

I posted my question here, because it themed for me to find the right place to configure that somewhere, that would be “Assistance” I hoped…

Sorry, that’s just not how Dolphin works in KDE Plasma in Arch/Garuda.


Just ask here, please.

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Dolphin includes an “undo” feature which can be used on copy operations, so you can easily remove the directories you have created in error.

No problem, I will move this topic to 412 Precondition Failed for now.


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