Does garuda-update also updates AUR packages?

Hello Garuda users.

Does garuda-update also updates packages installed through AUR ?
If not how can I integrate pamac update into garuda-update , So one command does it all
Update keyring , Update packages , Update AUR packages and apply hotfixes

If you can integrate it why do you not check this files.



IIRC it's all included :slight_smile:


This is all you need.
The -a option. :wink:


Oh, just realized I don't understand something... if I've got an AUR package on my installation and it is at version 1.32 say, then I do garuda-update, it won't update to version 1.33?

I have to do garuda-update -a so that all packages from CHAOTIC, AUR, EXTRA, COMMUNITY and GARUDA are updated?

To update AUR packages you need a paru -Sua or yay -Sua, and that's what garuda-update does with that option (depending on the helper it finds).

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Ok, got it!
I'll look at the fish alias upd as this is what I am using since Day 1 over 1 year and a half ago and never got any issue. I don't have access to my machine right now to check, maybe it includes -a option.

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You can create a config file at /etc/garuda/garuda-update/config and add UPDATE_AUR=1, which will update the AUR packages with a normal garuda-update or any aliases that call it.

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Exactly that's also what it says at the bottom of the page Garuda Update | Garuda Linux wiki

But anyway, my mistake for "half-hijacking" the thread, just found out that the upd alias invokes /usr/bin/update which, for some unexplained reasons I cannot understand here (PKGBUILD · master · Garuda Linux / Packages / Stable PKGBUILDs / Garuda Update · GitLab) is a symlink of /usr/bin/garuda-update.

And well, I don't even have AUR repo enabled on my machine so that explains PRETTY DARN good why I never had out of date packages from the AUR... ahem ahem!!! Shame on me, blushing hard now! :blush:

I think this is odd, too. I changed mine so upd calls garuda-update (not the alias). I did this because I wanted to add the --skip-mirrorlist flag to the upd alias, but the flag doesn't work when added to the update alias (upd has to call the actual garuda-update binary for the flag to work).


That's a good point, I'm gonna change that alias to default to the working command :blush:


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