Does Anyone Have The Default ~/.p10k.zsh File Around

If there is anyone who didn't run p10k configure and changed their default ~/.p10k.zsh file please post it here . I really messed up mine and want to go back to the default , I really liked it . But my curiosity made me experiment with it :innocent: .

If you don't have the default please post any :grin:

Ya, well I'm not really up on the details of how zsh is configured, but I'd expect the default configuration would be stored in /etc/skel.

PS. for future reference always make a backup before you mess with root configuration files. Saves a lot of pain for an extra couple of seconds effort.

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Maybe you like this one

or use last snapshot :wink:

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What's the fun in that :grin: :partying_face:

That folder seems to be empty . Is there something I am missing :thinking:

Dotfiles are hidden

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Cool :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

If I didn't mess up my config I would've missed it . Thank you @SGS

To be correct/fair, you are right. /@home is not in snapshot but he changed ~/ file, I hope :smiley:

I do after every important work a backup on 2 separate HDD/ext. USB. So I have 3 "backup" from my work. Only if my apartment and everything inside is damaged I lost it.
But then I have other problems then my "artwork" :wink:

I do not like the "cloud", I am old style :wink:


Same . And a little paranoid on Privacy (Double encrypted backups for personal files :grin: )

I used Veracrypt before , but recently It showed some errors and two backups were gone . Even header restore didn't work . I don't know if it was Btrfs though . Will test it sometime later


New problem new thread :slight_smile:
But better check

for issues :wink:

It is so safe that even the owner can't access his data :wink:

Nope , ecryptfs solved it . Easier to setup and manage :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: