Docky, mailnag, loginsound

Hi Garuda Forum!
I just installed Garuda Lite XFCE after using Mint for about a year. Well, what a difference Arch makes!
Trying to set it up and customizing everything but keep running into problems.
1/ installed Mailnag, it did work until getting the first email, after that it stopped-no matter what I try to do to fix it.
2/ tried to install my favorite: Docky. Did not work. I know, they stopped maintaining it and even pulled it out from Ubuntu repository, however, some smart guys have come up with a solution, installing it from old (18.04) files, it does work great in Mint-20. Is there a trick like that in Garuda???
3/ I like login sounds. What is the command in startup that would play it? Aplay is for sox (I belive) should I just install it?
I googled a lot to find answers for all that but I didn't find anything usable, hopping someone here can help me, thank you very much in advance.

Welcome to the forum and Garuda.

Docky is available in the AUR repository. However, it has been flagged as out of date for some time. On a rolling distro it is best to use software that is up to date or you might experience issues.

Sorry, I don't do Xfce and I only use Thunderbird for mail (for many many years).

Maybe someone else will have some tips for you and can help you out.


Thank you tbg for taking your time!

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I'm on XFCE (almost always) but I can't help much with these specifics - I just Thunderbird for email, and Plank for a dock (it's simple, and autohides!).

Searching through the AUR is a good way to find out what's worth working with in Arch-based systems - they get flagged when out-of-date or abandoned, and they collect votes when they are popular and work well. That might help you find an 'equivalent' or 'good enough' alternative...


Thanks for the advise firebird54!
Yes, I know Plank, but Docky can do all that +some more.

No doubt - but in this case (until updated, or taken over) perhaps it does less? :grin: Horrible thought, but sometimes they lose interest.

A somewhat convoluted method might be to download the .deb from Ubuntu18.04 repos, and follow the Archwiki on converting .deb files to usability in Arch - and hope. Or, a tool for helping that process is debtap - but I think something this old should be handled one piece at a time. You might have to go with an older kernel, though, depending on what has changed since 2016 when docky was last updated.

Other alternatives include cairo-dock and latte-dock - but I am sure you can do that on your own!


I didn't know that converting files is possible. Will look into "debtap", however, since installing Docky is already a "dirty trick" in Ubuntu, the best thing is to hope-you are right about that...but it's Linux, anything (almost) is possible...
Latte-dock? Brings in the whole KDE. Cairo? Way too much, I don't like fire, snow and rain in my dock...I did have it once, when I tried to remove it, it didn't want to go, had to force removal which broke my whole system. No more Cairo for me! It reminded me to Windows, where you get what they want, not what you want.
Thank you for the info!!!

I wasn't recommending them! :grin: Just noting that alternatives existed....

As for debtap, while it does seem to work, it is a slow process to make it go the first time - and in this case (outdated package) I wouldn't expect it to make good decisions on what the package needs to function. That's why I mentioned pulling the package apart as detailed in the Archwiki - better chance of figuring out what's needed! Good luck either way...

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I know you didn't! I was just sharing my thoughts...