Do we need snapper-tools?

Do we need snapper-tools ? because btrfs-assistant seems to have the snapper menu already.

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That’s a good point but, and I might be wrong here. I think btrfs-assistant needs snapper. i.e btrfs-assistant uses snapper.
On another forum, with a distro based in the stars which we probably can’t mention here, btrfs-assistant and snapper are installed together to get to the state Garuda is at.

For questions like that open new help request, so the developer,
@TNE snapper-tools and @dalto btrfs-assistant can have a look. :smiley:

I just don’t know who made snapper, GitHub - openSUSE/snapper: Manage filesystem snapshots and allow undo of system modifications ?

This thread is solved, btw.

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it does need snapper but not snapper-tools which is the gui for snapper i think .


That is not quite right.

It is true that snapper-tools has the functionality to detect when you boot off a snapshot and ask if you want to restore it. Btrfs Assistant does not have this notification.

However, it is not true that Btrfs Assistant is removing snapshot restore/rollback functionality.


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